Which is a Better Workout: Biking or Walking?

I bike to work three to four times a week, about 20 minutes each way. If I walked, it would take me twice as long. Is walking better than biking for calories burned and cardiovascular reasons? Or does it just depend on which muscles I want to exercise?

Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone

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How I love hearing about people incorporating activity into their daily routines. Biking to work instead of driving your car -- now that is an eco-friendly way to go. Many of us need to be mindful that if we live close to work that walking or biking is an excellent opportunity to get in some activity without having to designate another time of day to get a workout into our already packed schedules.

Biking is an excellent activity and really develops the lower body as well as the cardiovascular system much the same as walking, but is a no- impact activity.  Walking is an impact sport that will help to build the bones.  So important for women.

Intensity definitely determines the amount of calories burned and could vary for this reason. I would not worry so much about the calories, just be consistent.

I have always said, all fitness is good fitness. I would definitely continue what you are doing, but on those days when you have more time, walk to work and present your body with a new challenge.  

You are doing so great my friend!
Many hugs!