Who Goes to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Dear Wedding Women:

I have two questions about the rehearsal dinner. First, who gets invited? So far, I am planning for my parents, his parents, my attendants, his attendants, the officiant, and the musician. Is that it? Do I have any listed that aren't traditionally invited to the rehearsal dinner?

Second, my maid of honor is standing up with me, but her fiance is not standing up with my fiance. This is the case with several of the attendants. Do I invite the couple or just the individual actually in the wedding? If I invite couples, should I allow for guests for those attendants that don't have significant others?

I know that this all comes down to what I want to do anyway, since I'm probably going to be the one paying for it -- what I want to know is what's traditionally done. THANKS!



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Dear trjmama:

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted (and paid for) by the groom's parents. The bride, groom and both sets of parents and grandparents attend, as do any siblings and their partners or spouses. The officiant and his or her spouse are invited, as are the wedding party members (the flower girl gets invited with her parents). The bottom line: Anyone who needs to be at the rehearsal should also be invited to the dinner that follows (people who'll be doing readings, etc.).

Beyond that, the guest list for the rehearsal dinner is up to the host and hostess. If you invited members of the wedding party to your wedding with a date, invite them to the rehearsal dinner as well. Some people choose to invite very close relatives and anyone who's come in from out of town to the rehearsal dinner, but this isn't mandatory.

Hope this helps,
The Wedding Women

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