Why Do I Have Sharp Pains in My Groin?

I occasionally have sharp, shooting pains in my groin, especially when I move suddenly (like going up steps). I'm eight months' pregnant. Should I be concerned?


Sounds like round ligament pain. The round ligaments, which anchor the uterus in the front of the pelvis, get stretched as the baby grows. When there is a sudden change in position, the ligament stretches -- and ouch!

Although it's uncomfortable, it's nothing to worry about. Actually it's a good sign that the uterus is growing the way it should.

When you get a round ligament pain, try applying pressure to the spot that hurts and take a couple of slow, deep breaths. It should subside in a minute or two. To avoid getting them in the future, try to avoid sudden, jerky movements.

Of course, if the pain doesn't resolve in a few minutes, or if it's accompanied by other symptoms, it's worth a call to your caregiver to check it out.

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