Why do men prefer younger women?

Dear Sherry

Why is it that (most) men prefer to date younger women? Whenever I check the personals, either on the Internet or in magazines, I often find-according to the ads-that I'm too old for guys my own age and even men older than me! I'm 37 and can easily pass for 30, and, yes, I've considered lying. I'm not sure I'd be so wrong to do that. After all, many men who specify that they want someone younger do it without much thought; that's the way they were brought up. Anyway, what do you think about all this, and do you have any suggestions for rehabilitating these men?



Sherry Amatenstein

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Dear Bonnie

Survey says ... yes, many men do prefer younger women. Period. End of story. Is this irrefutable desire programmed into them genetically, culturally or hormonally? Who cares? There's nothing you can do about it, so why sweat the cause of this male malady? There are few inalienable facts in life. Here are three: At some point you will encounter taxes, death and the painful truth that the older a man is, the younger the babe he wants dangling on his arm (not necessarily in this order).

Yes, Bonnie, the male penchant for young girl flesh can be unfair and can drive you to cry, scream or lie. But I don't recommend any of these "strategies." They do no good, and-who knows-might cause wrinkles. (And do you really want to start a relationship based on a lie that can be revealed the moment your driver's license falls out of your handbag?)

So what's your best strategy? Stop trying to change men, and work on your mind- set. Although these "specimens" are few and far between, there are great men out there who will value you for who you are, not how many (or few) years you've been on the planet. Try not to be too discouraged as you search for love. You're just looking for one great guy-ignore the millions of others littering the planet.

P.S. A great way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to place your own personal proclaiming: I'm 37 and proud of it!

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