Worried first grade won't be challenging

My son is in a full-day Montessori school. He has been learning to read, using a phonics approach. I want him to remain enthusiastic next year, when he begins first grade in a public school. His class will start reading at a level he passed almost a year ago!


Congratulations to your son on his reading progress. It is so wonderful to watch a young child develop into a capable reader. Reading is a difficult skill to master, which makes the success that much sweeter.

In reading your question, I hear a lack of confidence in your son's future school and teachers. If you feel that the school you will be sending your child to next year will not be able to meet his needs, why will he go there? It is very important that parents choose schools that will meet their children's needs, whatever those needs may be.

Perhaps you can look at some alternatives. For example, can your son continue in his current school? Are there other private schools in your area? Are there other public schools in your area? Perhaps it would be wise to investigate these possibilities to see if there is a better placement for your child than what you have already chosen for him.

At home, continue to foster your son's enjoyment of reading. Take note of the books he enjoys and try to find books on similar topics or books by the same authors. The other important thing to remember about book selection for a young child is to have books on hand that are at the child's reading level. Books that are too difficult will only provide frustration. If there are some books that your child would like to read but the reading level is too challenging, read the book to or with your child so that he can still enjoy the story. Make trips to the public library or favorite bookstores together to find books that he will enjoy reading.

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