Yeast Infections: Treatment safe during pregnancy?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have a yeast infection. Normally, I know how to treat it, but I am afraid to use medications at this time. Is there a safe method to treat yeast infections during pregnancy?


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I know that this can be an annoying infection, but there is really no great reason to rush to treat it. There is a higher incidence of thrush in babies when the mother has a yeast infection, but there are no other problems associated with the health of the mother or baby. You could keep an eye on it and see if it will run its course. It may just go away on its own.

The hormones of pregnancy make yeast infections more common, but make sure that you are checked for gestational diabetes as well as other infections. The yeast like to grow in an environment that is rich in sugar. You may want to cut down your intake of simple sugars for a while. If you drink any alcohol you need to stop, as drinking can increase your blood sugar levels.

Monistat is commonly used after the first trimester. If you are still uncomfortable treating with this medication, some folks have had good results using contraceptive gel (nonoxynol-9) in the vagina at bedtime. Some will say that yogurt with live active cultures is helpful. I am a little skeptical, however, about putting anything in the vagina that is not approved for use during pregnancy.

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