Your Real-Life Guide to Aging Gracefully

Getting older just got better

Enough with anti-aging. Here, women share what delights them as years have gone by

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Here's how the funny lady makes 80 look like the new 30

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Yikes! These factors might be adding years to your appearance

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At What Age Do You Feel Most Beautiful?

When 30 came, some of us panicked -- myself included. But in retrospect, there's so much to love about being three decades old. In fact, some say women reach their sexual peak in their 30s. If that's accurate, this study checks out: A survey by TV shopping channel QVC found that 37 percent of women were most confident about their looks at age 31.

Expert Advice

Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal performs miracles for her celebrity clients before they hit the stage. Now, she's sharing beauty secrets that you can use at home! Put away your wallets -- no expensive nips and tucks necessary here! Just the right products, and the right technique, and you've got yourself a beauty makeover.


Trend Alert: Going Gray

Hair fads come and go -- highlights, lowlights, even flamingo -- but gray? We never predicted the style would be -- well -- hot. Color us wrong. The latest trendsetter to emerge: Kristen McMenamy (pictured right), the 45-year-old model with long, fully gray hair. Not only was she featured in Vogue's August Age Issue and a Today show segment, designer Alber Elbaz chose her for a recent Lanvin campaign. You go, Kristen! We love that you embrace your grays. Even better, you're not the only one…


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Do Eye Creams Really Work?

Are genuinely visible improvements from eye creams merely in the eye of the beholder? Fancy bottles and ingredients that appear publicity-driven, instead of scientifically driven (tomato extract, anyone?), leave us wondering about real results. Do price tags in the double, occasionally triple, digits have us wishfully noticing changes -- lightened dark circles, de-puffing and reduced wrinkles -- that aren't really there? We consulted a few of our favorite experts in the worlds of medicine and makeup to find out more about these topical rejuvenators. And even they didn't see eye to eye.


Cover Up: The Ultimate Guide to Concealer

No one is immune to dark circles or the occasional pimple (nope, not even Giselle). But with a smart use of concealer, you can face the day flawlessly.


4 Easy Steps to Covering Gray Hair

Struggling to keep up with your ever-multiplying gray strands? Although constantly covering up can feel like a full-time job, the pros agree, it's worth the effort. "No matter how gorgeous your gray hair is, it makes you look old," says Jason Backe, celebrity colorist and co-owner of the Ted Gibson salon in New York City. "By coloring your grays you instantly add a freshness to your look that will boost your self-image and bolster your self-esteem," promises Backe.

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